Now that Hearthstone is a thing that’s officially out of beta and available for everyone to become horribly, irrevocably addicted to, Blizzard has started the first official Ranked Play season. What does that mean? Well, it means you get rewards for participating in the season, and by participating we really mean “just playing Hearthstone”.

Just before Hearthstone left beta and was released, Blizzard revealed that alternate card backs would be coming to the game. You’ll be able to collect different designs by participating in each season.

What you need to know: as of yesterday, 01 April, your rank has been reset to 25. If you did particularly well in the last season, you might get a few stars added to your player profile. All you need to do to be awarded that new backing is to play Ranked games of Hearthstone. This first season runs for the month of April, and if you hit level 20 (your level descends from 25, so the lower the number, the higher your rank is) then you’ll get the new card backing added to your collection.

Source: Battle.net

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