Patch to bring new features to inFAMOUS Second Son


How about that inFAMOUS Second Son, right? It certainly is a gorgeous piece of gaming. I think Cliff Bleszinski said on Twitter last night that Second Son is an example of what’s possible when developers aren’t held back by having to produce cross-gen versions of their games. It’s a good point made even more exciting when one realises that Second Son is an early PlayStation 4 game. Current-gen is just getting started. (Not a WORD, PC gamers…)

Developer Sucker Punch has announced that some new features are coming to Second Son via an update that should be out in the next two weeks or so.  Speaking via the official PlayStation Blog, Sucker Punch’s co-founder Brian Fleming made mention of three additions fans can look forward to.

Being able to pick the time of day in the game is one of those features; this ability will be unlocked once you’ve completed the game. You’ll also be able to switch the HUD on and off, which, as Fleming points out, will make screenshot junkies pretty happy.

Finally, and perhaps rather strangely, they’re including the option to cap the frame rate at 30fps. We’re guessing that’s for the people who hate seeing frame rate fluctuations or something. I’ve been playing the game for a good few hours and have gotten into some rather large encounters with enemies, and I haven’t even noticed any frame rate dips. But, clearly Sucker Punch has gotten requests for this so there it is.

Source: PlayStation Blog