The Story Bundle is back with a collection of gaming-related tomes for your perusing pleasure at whatever price you choose, as long as it’s more than $3. Well, except for Minecraft, which supposedly isn’t available to South Africans due to “existing licensing agreements with the publisher”. Fortunately, it sits in the bonus section, so you can decide whether the remaining bonus titles are worth the $12 entry fee to get them.

Regardless, the bundle has a fine number of titles, including Ray Barnholt’s excellent SCROLL magazine series, two histories of Atari, Inc. and SEGA, a series of interactive fiction games including Story Bundle exclusive Gothic Tower, a short story collection which plays on the quirks of video games, and Ian Bogost’s How to Do Things with Video Games.

The bonus section contains the aforementioned Minecraft book, a history of the background and development of much-loved Earthbound, and The Final Hours of Portal 2, which chronicles the development and hidden disasters behind the acclaimed sequel.

The books are DRM-free and presented in MOBI and EPUB format for a variety of e-readers, tablets and phones. For SCROLL alone I’d say it’s worth $3, but I’m hesitant to support a bundle where “licensing” prohibits your access from a book. The decision is yours, dear reader.

Source: Story Bundle