FTL: Advanced Edition now available


Breaking theoretical physics over its calloused knee, FTL: Faster Than Light just got a whole lot faster with the release of its Advanced Edition upgrade. The upgrade coincides with the release of the iPad version of FTL: Advanced Edition, and is free to all PC owners of the original.

As previously reported, the Advanced Edition adds a massive number of new events and equipment, amongst other features. A new alien race has been included that doesn’t require oxygen and sucks oxygen from any room in which it resides (sounds like a writer). There are two new ship systems, dramatic changes to existing content – the super-important Medbay is now gone, for example, apparently replaced by a Cloning Bay which resurrects crew members when they die with a small skill loss penalty.

There’s also a variety of tweaks to the interface which streamlines the experience, including but not limited to being able to colour-code and rename your crew during the game, as well as more descriptive reward boxes.

I’d urge you to pick it up, but if you’re reading NAG Online I know you’re a learned person of impeccable taste and standards and, of course, already own it.

Source: FTL site