Giblets: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update launches tomorrow

Just in case anyone needs a reminder, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Update, bringing some new features and UI improvements to the OS, will be available to download starting tomorrow, 8 April 2014. The update will be available through the Windows Store and there’s no need to reformat your computer to install it, as was the case with the 8.1 updates to standard Windows 8. Windows 8.1 Update is also entirely optional and may be skipped for now until you discover an app or a critical piece of software that you work with that needs it to function.

Note that the big changes recently announced, including DirectX 12, won’t be in this or the next update. Microsoft will most likely reserve those changed for the Windows 9 launch. In addition, the Windows Phone 8.1 update is still on track for a mid-year launch, but most devices currently running Windows Phone 8 will be able to run it.