Glorious Master Race: watch this Watch Dogs PC feature


Did you get a load of those new PC specs for Watch Dogs? They’re pretty beefy, right? Well, perhaps this new trailer for the PC edition of the game will explain why.

Ubisoft Montreal has been working with nVidia (Nvidia? NVIDIA? I can’t keep up with their various stylisations) to cram a whole lot of awe-inspiring graphical doohickeys into Watch Dogs. Think stuff like extra flappy coats and extra ripple-y water and you’ll be on the right track.

In all seriousness though, Ubisoft should have just released this trailer about 20 minutes after they release THAT OTHER TRAILER that caused all the sulking about graphical downgrading. Hit the jump to see what I mean. Oh, and uh, PC Master Race? The comment section is all yours; feel free to post all of the obligatory “consolz lol!” comments you want.