AMD’s efforts for improving their Radeon branding and mindshare have been to two markets thus far – memory modules and RAMdisk software. Radeon memory modules are qualified by AMD for use with their processors and APUs at various DDR3 frequencies and their branded RAMdisk software is sold separately, enabling users to deploy RAM disks for use on their computer, giving you a super-fast temporary drive hosted on your system memory. The company is now rumored to be working on branded SSDs, partnering with Toshiba. According to Fudzilla, the SSDs would use Toshiba’s new assets acquired from OCZ which includes the Barefoot 3 controller along with 19-nanometer NAND memory made by Toshiba in-house.

Such a combination would be potent for value-orientated PC enthusiasts. Although Barefoot 3 isn’t as fast as more modern designs from Intel, Samsung, LAMD or Marvell, it does hold its own in terms of performance and OCZ drives have recently been playing the value card instead of aiming for high-end markets. If true, AMD and Toshiba would have to work together to bring up the reliability of OCZ’s technology and tailor it to be more performant than standard OCZ drives before they can think of mass deployment. Although OCZ’s SSD lines were good, many consumers had issues with reliability and reliability issues ended up undermining the work done with the Vertex 3 and 4 families.

Source: Fudzilla

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