Supergiant’s Transistor out on 20 May


Supergiant Games, the development team that brought us the ever-charming Bastion, has announced that their next game, Transistor, will be out on 20 May on PC and PlayStation 4. The news comes just as PAX East kicks off, exactly a year after Supergiant originally debuted Transistor.

In Transistor, players take on the role of Red, who finds a powerful weapon and must keep it safe while trying to find out why so many influential people are disappearing from the sci-fi city she lives in. The game will hit Steam and the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

If you’ve never heard of Transistor until now because you’re a slack-jawed slave suckling at the AAA teat, then you can check out a trailer after the jump. After that we’ll allow you to wallow in your own self-loathing for having ignored this game up until now. We’ll join you, because we actually haven’t shared news on Transistor since it was announced a year ago. Shame on us!

Source: Supergiant Games