Giblets: AMD’s A8-7600 APU delayed again

AMD’s Kaveri launch is almost complete but it is missing a key product – the A8-7600. It’s a quad-core part with 384 GCN shader cores (six Compute Units) with base clocks of 3.1GHz, boosting to 3.3GHz under multi-threaded applications. Unlike other APUs in the Kaveri family, the A8-7600 is cheaper at $119 (approx. R1250 as of 14 May 2014) and has two modes of operation – a 65W TDP for desktop use and a 45W mode for use in small-form factor chassis and inside laptops.

AMD’s official word now is that the A8-7600 will arrive in early 2H 2014, using the first six months of 2014 instead to seed the chip to OEM partners. This could be a financial play for the company as it allows for higher sales of the A10-7850K and the A10-7700K, leaving the market open for stocks of the older Richland APUs to clear out before they unleash their bargain chip. If you were waiting on this APU, you’ll either have to wait longer or settle on something less elegant.

Source: Techspot