In a move sure to position South African game development as being more successful than our country’s soccer team, two South African games launched via Steam Early Access last week.

The first is the brotastic, high fiving, terrorist genital-punching Broforce. Its Early Access launch was accompanied by massive international coverage – each and every big international site had an article about Broforce and most had hour-long Let’s Play videos too.  Ken Levine even tweeted to his 85 thousand followers: “BroForce had me at ‘Punch Terrorism right in the genitals‘.” Probably as a result of its newfound prolific nature, Broforce is now currently sitting in the top 20 selling games on Steam.

"You'd tell me if I looked fat in these gum boots...right?"

“You’d tell me if I looked fat in these gum boots…right?”

The second is the wickedly satirical janitor simulator Viscera Cleanup Detail. The RuneStorm team pretty much received the same response as Broforce is having now when they released the first prototype of VCD. They also made a pretty penny when they released their spin-off Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage around Christmas last year. They’ve done so well off Santa’s Rampage and VCD pre-orders that they now have to start paying Unreal Development Kit (the engine in which the game is made) royalties, meaning they’ve made over R520,000 from at least one of their VCD games. Viscera Cleanup Detail  launched on Early Access last week and was a tad overshadowed by Broforce in terms of media coverage, but VCD was still in Steam’s top 20 selling games for a period.

These releases have raised the bar of what SA-made games can achieve. Let’s hope more local developers can follow in these two studios’ brotastic, mop-wielding footsteps.

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