Watch this: Star Citizen gameplay fresh out of PAX


Prior to PAX East kicking off last weekend, Roberts Space Industries, the team bringing us Star Citizen, held a backers-only presentation in which live gameplay was shown off from the upcoming dog fighting mode.

During the presentation, co-founder and CEO of RSI, Chris Roberts, revealed that the upcoming dog fighting module will be the first edition, and that there are plans to release multiple iterations that continually add new features. The module is officially called Arena Commander, and it plays out like a virtual reality training simulator within the universe of Star Citizen. The first version, which will be out in about two months, will feature free-for-all modes for up to eight players as well as a 4v4 team deathmatch. A capture the flag mode has also been confirmed as have AI opponents for those who would prefer to play the game by themselves.

The presentation was just over an hour, and if you feel like watching the entire thing (computer crashes and everything) then we’ve embedded that clip after the jump. Alternatively, if you’re frothing at the mouth to watch gameplay, a very helpful YouTuber has spliced together a 12 minute clip.

Full video:

Abridged gameplay footage:

Via: Polygon