Guild Wars 2.0 is here.


Today is the launch of the big Feature Pack for Guild Wars 2 which dramatically overhauls so many of the game’s systems it’s basically a 2.0 release.

Just some of the changes:

  • The Trait system has been simplified to make retraining on the fly easier (and free). There are new Traits added for every class to expand build options, which you need to go hunt down in the world.
  • All skins and dyes are now account-bound, and applied easily through the new Wardrobe system.
  • A few Player vs Player systems has been overhauled, with new Reward Tracks added to make PvP more lucrative. A new team deathmatch map has been added (Custom Server only).
  • Also being rolled out is the Megaserver system, which will be applied to the PvP lobby and low population maps at first. The Megaserver system’s goals is to keep all the maps populated by dynamically and seamlessly bringing players from across all servers together on to the same map, instead of people running around on their server’s instance of the map.

You can read the full rundown of all the changes over at the Features patch page, but be warned: it’s a lot of info. An easier option is this humorous comic detailing some of the changes made by a user on NeoGAF.

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