Cave Story stands as a seminal milestone in the landscape of indie game history. Released in 2004, the game represents the starting line at which many future indie titles took their mark. Its creator, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, created it over a period of five years and — after releasing it for free — hasn’t released anything since. He’s had a couple of work-in-progress projects, such as Rockfishand a forgettable iPhone game where you save seal key-chains from falling by pinning them to the wall in Azarashibut has otherwise been noticeably quiet given his influence.

That changed this year at PAX East 2014 when Playism, as part of a marketing push to expose more Japanese indie titles to the west, brought Daisuke’s new title Kero Blaster — along with doujin shooter Astebreed and afore(afive? asix?)mentioned La-Mulana 2 — to the show. Kero Blaster features a frog on cleanup duty for teleportation technology company C&F. It’s pretty low-tech in its presentation, but can’t be ignored given the creator’s prior work. Kero Blaster will be released on iOS and PC on May 11th.

In the lead-up, Daisuke has released a prologue, Pink Hourwhich you can download via the Playism website for free once you’ve signed up. In the meantime, you can check out the English trailer for Kero Blaster below. Those interested in learning more about Cave Story’s development can watch The Story of Cave Story from the GDC Vaults:

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