Confirmed: this year’s Call of Duty features soldiers, faces


We might be getting ahead of ourselves, but it appears as if the first image of this year’s Call of Duty has answered a number of questions. For months now the Internet has been speculating whether or not Sledgehammer Games’ 2014 iteration of Call of Duty would feature people or badgers. If you recall, rumours regarding the prospect of militarised badgers snatching the starring role in this year’s CoD first started at last year’s EGX show in London. This first image of the game now leaves that rumour open to more fervent speculation: are these player characters, or are they enemy models that the badgers will be mauling?

It has also been confirmed that chin straps will form an integral part in soldier equipment. For years now the Call of Duty franchise has featured a wealth of historically accurate chin straps. However, it appears as if Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty will allow players to choose between the tried and tested chin-strap-and-helmet combo, or the more casual soldier beanie, which simultaneously imbues the player character with an air of roguishness and tendency to give safety concerns the finger. There have also been rumours of more powerful chin straps becoming available via Killstreak perks.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as more news surfaces regarding this as yet un-revealed Call of Duty. Hopefully next time we’ll find out whether there’s any credence to the rumour that soldiers will be fighting with Sporks instead of guns.


Source: IGN