Dragon Age Inquisition

And just like that, I think I might have to finally relinquish and get into the Dragon Age series, because this new trailer for Inquisition does an outstanding job of making the third game look very, very appealing.

BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have released this new story trailer alongside the announcement that the game will launch on 07 October. That’s the only date provided so far, and it’s unclear whether that’s a worldwide release date or just the US date. We’ll update as soon as we know.

In addition to a release date and fantastic new trailer, BioWare has unveiled the box art for the game. The artwork features an intentionally gender-neutral lead character on the front – clearly BioWare has learnt their lesson regarding player character gender and box art with Mass Effect 3.


Don’t forget that if you’re in the same position as I currently find myself (i.e. I’m interested in Inquisition but I’ve never played any of the previous titles) then BioWare has us covered with the upcoming Dragon Age Keep app. That app will allow you to catch up on lore and make all of the important decisions from the previous two games so that they can be transported to the start of your Inquisition playthrough. No release date for this app yet, however.

Via: Game Informer & Twitter

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