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2014 is a good year to be a racing fanatic. We’re getting five hotly anticipated titles all in a single year and there may not be enough time or money to give each one the attention they deserve. Ubisoft’s foray into the racing genre starts with The Crew, launching towards the end of the year for the PC, Playstaton 4 and Xbox One.

Then we have GRID Autosport, Codemaster’s love letter to their fans asking for their support back after many weren’t impressed with the direction that GRID 2 headed in, which felt a lot like the rumblings of Shift 2, the last serious racer in the Need for Speed series before it went back to being completely arcade-ey. On the simulation side, Assetto Corsa is also looking really, really good. At some point Sony will unleash Drive Club onto the Playstation 4.

Utter madness. And today we have a new trailer for Project Cars, with Slightly Mad Studios showing people how it should be done. I hope Polyphony Digital is watching and taking notes. Hit the jump to start the drool.


Project Cars will be launching for every modern platform available in November 2014. It’ll be available on Windows PCs, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo’s Wii U (rather surprisingly) and Valve’s SteamOS operating system (which also means, by default, most Linux distros in general). There’s no indication that it will ever come to the Mac OS X platform as Slightly Mad may not want to limit the game’s visuals due to the weaker graphics hardware in most Apple Mac and Macbook devices.

Project Cars will also be an interesting experiment to watch for the rest of the industry. Like Assetto Corsa, which is developed and published by an indie studio¬†Kunos Simulazioni, Project Cars has already gathered a large group of fans and will be Slightly Mad’s first game where they control every aspect of it’s development, right up to its release and distribution.

Major game developers are beginning to realise the benefit of being an independant studio and it works for many of them as well, provided that cash isn’t a problem. If Electronic Arts saw enough promise in them to sign up Slightly Mad for two Need for Speed titles (both of which were well received and sold well, even though I personally detest Shift 2) it’s a sure bet that they’ll do just fine on their own away from the clutches of a much larger and more controlling publisher.

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