Being somewhat new to this whole PlayStation Plus thing, the approach of a new month is beginning to feel a little like Christmas. I’m assuming that feeling wears off after a while.

New month means new “free” games via the Instant Game Collection, and while May’s pickings are a little slim for PlayStation 4 owners, there are some gems for PlayStation 3, such as Sony Japan’s wonderful Puppeteer. In all likelihood, many of you didn’t pick up Puppeteer when it released late last year, so now is your chance to give the game a go. I thoroughly recommend it; it’s quirky, undeniably creative and very often hilarious even if the gameplay isn’t exactly mind-blowing. Considering it’s yours for free for the month of May, you’ve got nothing to lose so check it out.

For PlayStation 4 owners it’s another indie title heading your way with the decidedly offbeat Stick it to the Man. Payday 2 is a second title heading to PlayStation 3, and Muramasa Rebirth as well as Everybody’s Golf round off the offering for May on PlayStation Vita.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog

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