Microsoft sells 5.1 million Xbox One consoles


In their official earnings for Q1 2014, Microsoft included shipping and sales numbers for the Xbox One and its clear that despite being a few million units behind the Playstation 4, things are going well despite the bad publicity the console received for most of 2013. In their report, Microsoft revealed that they had sold in 1.2 million extra Xbox One consoles from January through March 2014 which is a decent amount of consoles in the retail channel. By no means are they sitting on their laurels or slacking off the pace.

However, this 1.2 million sold in number isn’t the number of consoles sold to customers, it’s actually the number sold into the retail channels that will eventually find their way into chain stores in the 13 countries the console is currently available in. This is added to the 3.9 million units sold into the retail channel in the November through December 2013 period, totaling 5.1 million units manufactured, boxed and shipped by Microsoft.

“Sold in” is the key word here. According to Gamespot in an article published in early January 2013, sales of the Xbox One were looking healthy, with a estimated total of 3 million consoles sold to consumers. That leaves about 900,000 units left in the retail channel across the globe as of 1 January 2014. Microsoft has not released any reports to date to say that they were struggling to keep up with demand.

According to VGChartz, which keeps track of game sale numbers and hardware sales (including a fairly accurate tally of consoles sold to and activated by consumers), approximately 4.3 million customers have a Xbox One as of 12 April 2014. Taking Microsoft’s tally of 5.1 million consoles in the channel, that leaves approximately 800,000 units left on store shelves, waiting for owners to caress the rumble triggers and speak into the microphone to tell Kinect what to do next.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing to have that many left in the channel? You decide. In the meantime, Titanfall on the Xbox One has sold approximately 120,000 copies as of 12 April 2014 according to VGChartz and Sony recently announced that they had sold just over 7 million Playstation 4 consoles and currently can’t keep up with the demand that they are seeing from gamers.

Sources: VGChartz, Microsoft Investor Relations, Ars Technica