Evolve, from Left 4 Dead creators Turtle Rock Studios, is shaping up to be something rather incredible. The four-versus-one multiplayer game pits four hunters against one constantly evolving monster called a goliath. There’s been a reveal trailer so far and some snippets of gameplay from events like the recent PAX.

Now, however, we get a good long look at a match that was played a few weeks back. It’s a great clip for two reasons: it’s got some informative commentating that answers a lot of questions regarding gameplay mechanics and the class roles of each hunter; it also constantly shifts perspective between the five players, which means you get a good look at how all the different roles play.

Video demo is after the jump. Just for interest’s sake, there’s a red banner on the bottom of the video that represents the status of each player: the four squares each represent the four hunters and the long bar on the right represents the goliath’s health. It’s a nice reference to see how much damage is being dealt at any specific time.

Evolve is out this spring for us in South Africa. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And by the time it’s out, the Xbox One might be out in South Africa as well.

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