Nintendo goes full-crazy with an E3 video


I guess that there’s no doubting Nintendo of America’s sense of humour after this one: the company released this E3 video primer late yesterday afternoon. It’s pretty out-there, so to speak.

Joining up with the Mega64 crew, this video features Nintendo of America’s bossman Reggie Fils-Aime as a “lazer death eyes” wielding robot. It’s pretty funny at times, and pretty cringe-worthy at others, but on the whole it’s nice to see them not taking themselves so seriously. As we approach E3 (in six weeks!), we’ll see all sorts of companies revving their PR engines, and invariably those engines billow super-serious-business fumes out their exhausts.

Nintendo’s wonderfully offbeat E3 video is after the jump. The jist of their E3 announcement is this: there will be no E3 press conference, much like last year. Instead, the company will broadcast a “Nintendo Digital Event” at 09:00 on Tuesday, 10 June, which equates to 18:00 our local time. They’re also hosting a Super Smash Bros. Invitational in L.A. during E3, and the game will be playable at Best Buy stores across the US. That obviously has very little meaning to the rest of the world, but there you go. Luckily most of Nintendo’s E3 happenings will be live-streamed by the Nintendo Treehouse team.

Source: Twitter