Website Destructoid is claiming to have gotten hold of the first batch of screenshots and a trailer for this year’s Call of Duty. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, 2014’s iteration of the planet’s most popular shooter is subtitled Advanced Warfare – presumably because Modern Warfare is passé.

Advanced Warfare is set in the not-too-distant future, where hoverbikes, exoskeletons and helicopters that look like they come out of Avatar are all things. There’s also cloaking and gloves that help people climb the sides of buildings. And Kevin Spacey.

The game stars Kevin Spacey as the lead antagonist. He’s in control of a (presumably) large mercenary army that takes on the US government. He spouts all sorts of rhetoric about whether or not democracy is something that can be “forced” into every country. Spacey is not just doing the voice acting though; he’s actually in the game. Neat!

You can find a gallery of screenshots below. I also recommend heading over to Destructoid as soon as possible to watch their embedded trailer before Activision’s online sniper division takes it out. All the footage in that trailer was captured on Xbox One, and it looks very nice indeed. The game is out on 04 November 2014. You can expect to learn more once the game is officially revealed on Sunday, 04 May.


UPDATE: Activision has admitted defeat and released the game’s reveal trailer. Check it out below:

Source: Destructoid

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