Create your own dream NZXT Phantom 240

NZXT Phantom 240

You know how you’ve always wanted a case in a particular style or colour, or something that’s just completely bonkers? That’s usually not the case with most… erm, cases, because you have to rip them apart and modify them to suit your own requirements or maddeningly specific OCD requirements. But if you want to while away the late hours of your Friday afternoon doing something fun while also standing the chance to win some new hardware, NZXT has an offer for you.

The Phantom 240 itself is pretty run-of-the-mill for NZXT. Its a mid-tower chassis and the successor to the Phantom 410. It has the same alien looks to the face and overall body. There are still two removable drive cages supporting up to six drives, three 5.25-inch drive bays for those DVD drives you only use once a year now and seven expansion slots, enough for a dual-GPU setup with breathing room to keep the cards cool. All in all, it’s pretty standard fare for a chassis that should cost around $70.

To celebrate its launch, NZXT is offering customers in the US and Europe the chance to win a bunch of nice hardware. All you have to do is use NZXT’s online editor to create a completely custom paintjob for the Phantom 240. I took some time to create a few designs of my own. Get clicking and put what you’ve designed in the comments below!

Please note: This isn’t a competition in conjunction with NAG Online. Its NZXT’s own baby. I just really like the idea of a chassis that’s completely unique and made according to my own wants.

NZXT colour 1 NZXT colour 2 NZXT colour 3 NZXT colour 4 NZXT colour 5 NZXT colour 6 NZXT colour 7 NZXT colour 8

Source: NZXT Create