If you’re a developer who wants to make games powered by AMD’s Mantle API, you’re in luck. Previously AMD only collaborated with developers that could advance the API’s progress beyond just a single studio and now it’s in a private beta. The program is still invitation-only but now it’s open to interested indie developers and bigger studios who want to play with it. The move into a private beta is a good sign, signaling that things are still on the move and that AMD and its partners are still improving it as they go along. By the time DirectX 12 will be revealed at Microsoft’s /Build/ conference in 2015, Mantle will be fully fleshed out to the point where it’ll most likely be in an open beta.

Mantle is a custom API designed by AMD for use with their Radeon HD7000 and newer graphics cards. While Mantle’s primary goal is to remove low-end CPU bottlenecks in games and to scale up the number of on-screen units, it also has a deep similarity with the same API leveraged in Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, with similar methods of resource management and memory sharing. If you’re a developer who wants to get into consoles but is still tied to the PC, Mantle is a gateway into that more hands-on development style.

Source: AMD

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