From Software’s alleged “Project Beast” leaked


It’s only a month and a bit since Dark Souls II started darkening the souls of millions of gamers, and From Software’s next title has already supposedly been leaked on 4chan. This is definitely a case of “important if true“, so add a generous dollop of scepticism until we have official confirmation.

The game, entitled Project Beast, was posted on the infamous board by an anonymous user, who provided several blurry screenshots which nevertheless seem to follow From Software’s now signature gothic style. A user on NeoGAF added a couple of screenshots of the same scenes but at different points, which seems to add further legitimacy to the rumour. The title is allegedly a PS4 exclusive, so look forward to numerous smug threads about console superiority.

You can access the original archived 4chan thread here (4chan is notorious for being NSFW, so best open this at home), or the safer NeoGAF thread here. Alternatively, check out all the stolen reappropriated images in our gallery after the jump.

Source: 4chan, NeoGAF