The future of Unreal Tournament will be revealed this week


According to tweets from Epic Games’ Paul Meegan and Mark Rein, Unreal Tournament is making a comeback and you can find out full details by tuning in to on Thursday at 9pm (ZA time). Interestingly, Meegan tweeted:

“UE4 Dev Community + Epic. The future of Unreal Tournament. Tune in to Thursday at 2pm ET.”

This seems to imply that the external developers using Unreal Engine 4 approached Epic with the idea of making a new game for the series in mind.

Regardless, the last game in the series – Unreal Tournament 3 – was released over six years ago and it is about time that multi-kills and rampages made their way back to the forefront of gaming. During those six years the arena shooter genre has become somewhat stagnant, with even the excellent Quake Live‘s community slowly dying out. The time is ripe for a new, authentic deathmatch game to revive both the competitive and casual scene.

What kind of news are you hoping for from Thursday’s announcement? Personally, I wouldn’t be too upset if they released a free-to-play, multiplayer-only game in the same vein as Quake Live – as long as the deathmatch action is as brilliant as the earlier games in the series. Leave a comment to let me know if you agree.

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