Destiny cost how much? And PC might be a possibility


Holy-double-Destiny-news-article, Batman!

Activision’s emperor, Bobbie Kotick, has revealed that the publisher will spend no less than $500 million by the time Destiny releases on 09 September this year. Half a billion big ones – that’s a serious investment in a new IP. This amount will cover everything from development costs, to marketing, royalties, packaging, and support infrastructure. That last one will likely cover server support issues seeing as the game is an online one.

Don’t forget that Bungie’s Destiny deal with Activision will result in four games over the next decade. This $500 million just covers the first game, but Activision is hoping that Destiny will become another billion-dollar-franchise for them, much like Call of Duty already is.

Next up we’ve got news that might make PC Gamers sit up and pay attention. There seems to be a flicker of hope that Bungie’s newest IP might make the jump to PC in the future. Bungie is doing all of their development internally, and they’re not willing to fob off ports to an outside company. As such, they’ve got their entire staff body of 500 employees working to get the four console versions out. The game’s lead designer, Lars Bakken, has spoken to Eurogamer and informed them that Bungie is made up of “hardcore PC players”, and that people shouldn’t rule out the game ever appearing on PC. For now, Destiny is definitely only confirmed for consoles, but Bakken says that he “look[s] forward to our future conversations around PC”.

So, while you shouldn’t expect Destiny to ship on PC on 09 September, you could allow yourself to feel hopeful that you might get to see the game on PC in the future.

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