New CoD: Advanced Warfare details spill


Gaming magazine Game Informer was supposed to be at the vanguard for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal, and would have been had the game not leaked two days early. Their latest issue has plenty of new information on the game thanks to Advanced Warfare being their cover feature. Now that the magazine is out, those details have found their way online.

While Black Ops 2 aimed to shake up the Call of Duty franchise by heading into a near-future setting, Advanced Warfare will kick that up a notch. The game is set in the year 2054 after a catastrophic global terrorism event has booted civilisation into a state of decay and panic. It’s not quite post-apocalypse, but it sounds like it’s close. Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey describes the terrorist attack as “like a global 9/11”.

You’ll play the role of a marine called Private Mitchell. He’s being voiced by actor Troy Baker, who recently performed as The Joker in Arkham Origins, Joel in The Last of Us and Booker in BioShock Infinite. Mitchell’s super-manly-marine-bro-friend is a guy called Will Irons. Will’s dad owns a private military company (PMC), which becomes instrumental in trying to get civilization back on its feet post terrorist attack. And yep, you guessed it: Will’s dad is Kevin Spacey Jonathan Irons.

Naturally, your character Private Mitchell leaves the army and joins Spacey’s Irons’s PMC. In doing so he (and by extension, you) gets all sorts of awesome future tech to murder people with.

The “EXO” suit (which you can see in the initial set of leaked images) is one of the items you’ll be able to use. It sounds like you’ll get it permanently, because you can earn skill points to upgrade certain features. (When did we get to RPG Land, Call of Duty?) Features include the ability to perform super-jumps, boost-dodge, climb walls, hover in mid-air, and cloak.

You’ll also get access to energy-based weapons and an array of futuristic grenades. One of these grenades will highlight enemies that are out of sight while you cook the grenade.

There’s been no talk of multiplayer as yet, but Sledgehammer has said that a lot of the tech from single-player will be available in multiplayer.

Despite the fact that official press releases have stated that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is being “developed for next gen consoles and PC”, the game is also coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Activision would be stupid not to bring it to last-gen consoles. That being said, Sledgehammer is only focusing on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. The last-gen version of the game is being developed by an un-announced team. It’s similar to what Respawn Entertainment did with Titanfall. And in case you needed clarification, there’s no talk of a Wii U version.

The game is scheduled for a 04 November release.

Via: Gamespot