With Nvidia’s Shield gaining some traction among developers interested to see what its Tegra-based hardware can do, Valve has hinted that they’re adding another title to the little handheld-that-could: Half-Life 2 (and all of its two episodes). Across the world game journalists have been reporting that they’ve received Nvidia-logo’d neon green crowbars with the words, “What would Gordon do?” and a Nvidia Shield logo next to it. The Shield is currently only available in the US and Canada for $199 and some of the most popular classics like Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas and Portal are available on the console starting today.

Nvidia Half-Life crowbar teaser

To get your own you’d have to import it and to get the most out of it you’d need a robust Wi-Fi network at home with a Geforce GTX660 or better GPU. The Shield can be a handheld console or a streaming device and can also be hooked up to a Bluetooth gamepad and a HDMI cable into your TV to turn it into a home console for streaming from your PC over a wired or wireless network.

Source: Tech Report

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