Watch This: Titanfall Expedition trailer


We know that Titanfall isn’t officially available in South Africa, but we also have it on good authority that a lot of you more resourceful types are playing the game anyway. Titanfall has been out for over two months already, and by industry standards that means it’s ripe for the first drop of DLC.

That first helping of obligatory first-person shooter DLC is coming in the form of a map pack (surprise!) dubbed Expedition. The map pack is out this month, and IGN is reporting that it’s out today (13 May) on Xbox One, but everyone else seems uncertain about that one. The map pack will cost you $9.99 or will be the first of three content packs included in the $29.99 Season Pass.

You can see the three new maps, Swamplands, Runoff and War Games, in action after the jump.