BMW unveils their GT6 concept car and it looks like…


Another M4? Gran Turismo 6 has this nifty part of the game dedicated to concept cars and their wild ideas and one of the first to be unveiled was the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision, which is one of the most powerful cars that you get for free early on in the game. The BMW Vision Gran Turismo comes along with the huuuge 900MB-plus update that will be trickling along to players soon and you’ll be able to buy the car with credits or win it in the seasonal event that it will appear in.

The car itself looks very similar to the M4 but is more removed from what you’d normally expect from a typical M-car. It looks slightly similar to the legendary M1 from the 1980s but still bears a more modern BMW makeup than the once-off hypercar. The engine is still front-mounted and produces 541 horsepower from a three-litre, turbocharged straight-six engine with 680Nm of torque. Its light, at 1180kg, and perfectly balanced at 50:50 weight distribution.

However, the car is less exciting than what I would have liked. BMW already has the M4 on the market and the Vision Gran Turismo version looks less different than what I imagined judging by the silhouette that appeared inside the game’s menu. I’m also sad that even if this car ever makes it into the real world as a proof-of-concept, it’ll lack the traditional V8 growl that used to accompany M-type sports cars. BMW’s decision in early 2013 to drop to six-cylinder engines for greater efficiency and lower weight still doesn’t sit well with me.

To win the car in the seasonal event it’ll appear in, you have to lap the Nürburgring GP/F circuit in under 2’12.000 (two minutes, twelve seconds) and you have the 200% log-in bonus netting you a possible 400,000 credits if you hit the gold trophy, which is 1’59.000.


Along with the new Vision car, which I’ll still look forward to driving, the 900MB-plus update brings in a smorgasbord of changes to the game itself, mostly to the open lobby, replay modes and to the game’s overall stability. Check out the changes below:

Adjustments to the Open Lobby

  • [Endurance Race] has been added to the [Room Mode] option within [Basic Settings] of the Event Settings screen.
  • [Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption] has been added to [Time Trial Settings] options (“OFF”, “Normal”, “Fast” or “Very Fast” can be selected)
  • Choice of [Start Type] has been added to the [Race Settings] for Qualifier, Time Trial, and Drift Trial modes. You can now select from [Final Corner Start] or [Pit Start].
  • When [Grid Start with False Start Check] is selected in [Race Settings], signal lights will be displayed as start indicators.

New features added to “Replay” and “Watch Race” modes

  • Button controls can now be used to: Switch between “Full View” and “Live Timing”; to turn the “Driver List Display” ON/OFF; to switch the “Information Display” and to change the target car.
  • The “Keyboard Switching Feature” has been added. A USB keyboard can be used to switch the “Information Display” and to change the view.

Don’t forget that the Ayrton Senna tribute is also coming along this month and that’ll bring you one hell of a difficult Formula One car to drive.