Diesen: sehr blutige Launch-Trailer für Wolfenstein!


Be grateful, darling NAGlings, that I didn’t Google Translate this entire article. I was tempted, but realised that it would inevitable invite the scorn and grammatical scrutiny of any German speaking readers that we happen to have. As wonderfully Babel Fishy as Google Translate is, it’s not entirely accurate, so I ask that you read the rest of this article in an OTT German accent; feel free to goose-step and stuff if the mood grabs you.

So then, Wolfenstein: The New Order! It comes out next week Tuesday. Should we be concerned that there are no reviews up yet? I’m not sure about that one; I did play it last year at E3, and what I played was enjoyable. That, however, was an out-of-context hands-on and nearly a year ago, so I certainly cannot tell you to BE EXCITED about this one because, well, I just don’t know enough.

To fix that, Bethesda has unleashed a launch trailer that will do a much better job of getting you excited for The New Order. There are lots of guns! And scary mechanical dog-lion thingies! And Nazis getting blown to pieces. More importantly, however, there’s promise of some actual storyline and the possibility of interesting characters. That dialogue is pretty snappy as well. Hit the jump.