Intel and QuakeCon in unique sponsorship deal


Remember the piece I wrote a while back about the five greatest multiplayer maps of all time? Remember which map I placed in the number one spot? That’s right, Quake‘s sublime Campgrounds (or dm6) was chosen as the best of the best in multiplayer maps. Now, another chapter in the map’s illustrious history is being written as Intel and id Software have combined forces to create a specially redesigned version of the map (named Campgrounds: Intel Edition) which will be used in the Intel Quake Live Duel Masters Invitational Championship at QuakeCon 2014. Not every game gives you the chance to frag your opponent while standing under a giant CPU fan now does it?


The team behind Quake Live‘s development and maintenance released the following statement regarding the map:

“Hot on this morning’s QuakeCon news of Intel’s sponsorship of the Quake Live Duel Masters Invitational Championship, we’re pleased to introduce players to a special time limited offering made possible thanks to the generosity of Intel. For the next three months, Campgrounds: Intel Edition will have a place in our standard arena rotation for everyone to enjoy. This newly built and themed version of our beloved Campgrounds is adorned with bits of tech and a fun Intel blue and white colour palette. We hope you enjoy their gift in the months leading up to QuakeCon 2014.”


While advertising in popular multiplayer games’ maps is not uncommon it is usually restricted to in-game billboards or logos. This is the first time that I have ever seen a map completely redesigned and renamed as part of a sponsorship deal and, I must admit, I’m quite fond of the new look and feel. The addition of heat sinks and Intel product-related decals and models seems to suit the map quite well. In general, opinion on the redesign within the Quake community is somewhat divided (as expected, given the map’s enduring popularity) but most are pleased to see the map return to the competitive map pool after its absence from a number of recent tournaments and events.

32 of the world’s best Quake duellers will be invited to the tournament at QuakeCon at the end of July to compete for the prize pool of $20,000. While this amount may seem insignificant when compared to the massive five million dollars of Dota 2‘s The International, it is not bad for a game that is almost 15 years old. There is no word yet on whether local pro players Stephen “Ph4ntom” Cloete or Dimitri “Detrony” Hadjipaschali will be attempting to attend the event, but given their statements at last November’s DreamHack Winter tournament this seems unlikely.

You can watch popular Quake shoutcaster Daniel “ddk” Kapadia playing a friendly match on the map below: