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If you thought that the Blu-Ray standard’s cap of 100GB wasn’t enough, Pioneer wants to drop your jaw. The company has revealed that it’s working on a new technology for Blu-Ray drives and discs that breezes past the previous storage limits, going up to capacities as insane as 256GB or even, Pioneer predicts, 512GB on a double-sided disc in the future. Because these changes don’t require the hardware itself to change, only the software, Pioneer’s solution would make it a better fit than Panasonic’s Archivaldisc technology, which requires completely new hardware.

The new disc uses several layers to achieve the staggering density. It divides the information up into eight layers of 32GB each and all of them can fit on one side of the disc. Pioneer says that no special lasers are required for the recording of data to these discs, but that future error-correcting mechanisms and coding methods would have to improve to make the technology more reliable for mass production. Luckily most of this is done in firmware.

Panasonic 256GB projections

Panasonic’s future projection for their methods is also interesting because it promises double-sided densities of up to 720GB which is possible without changing the recording or reading disc drives. This can be achieved with up to ten layers at 36GB each, whilst 1TB capacities can also be reached but only possible in a successor to the Blu-Ray format, whatever that turns out to be.

It remains an interesting point that despite the popularity and relative stability of the internet, disc technologies and capacities will always be more convenient than sourcing the same data through the internet. Some countries lag in their internet capabilities than others and this leads to reliance on physical media, as is the case in South Africa where most buyers would rather go with physical media for console games, movies and the odd PC game or two. That puts less incentive on internet providers to boost up their capabilities and further and allows them to keep on implementing caps, so it’s a bit of a catch-22.

Still, who’s looking forward to those UltraHD 4K movies in 3D on a 750GB Blu-Ray disc that you’ll handle more carefully than your shiny new smartphone?

Anyone? I guess you’re not looking forward to how big game installs in the future will be, either?

Source: Pioneer News room

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