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Desktop computers have always been on a desk, beside a desk, under a desk or above a desk. But what about inside a desk? Previously the realm of hobbyists,, people with too much time on their hands and the rich few, it won’t be long before you can buy a desk chassis of your own! Lian Li, makers of chassis that weigh tons and last for eons, have now come up with a spiffy desktop design that can fit insane amounts of hardware inside.

The king of the hill in the desk chassis category is the new DK02, a longer version of the DK01 that supports two systems internally as well as space for up to seventeen (yes, 17) 3.5-inch hard drives. Its possible to fit a HTPX motherboard with up to three full-length graphics cards on the one end and a mini-ITX system with a discrete GPU on the other, each with their own 360mm water-cooled radiator and fan setup. Utter insanity, that’s what it is.

Lian Li DKQ1 inside

The DK01 is of similar construction but omits the ITX space and only has nine 3.5-inch drive bays available. The front panel changes as well – the DK02 has a total of eight front-panel USB 3.0 ports (four to each system) as well as power buttons for each system. The DK01 halves this, with both chassis retaining the single 5.25-inch DVD drive bay that can also be used with slim DVD writers.

Both systems have trays on the right-hand side to store your mouse and keyboards and both have a tempered, slightly smoky glass tabletop to allow people to gaze longingly at your hardware. The tables are wide enough for most monitor setups, though Lian Li is still in the process of certifying what is a safe weight to put on it. There is also a sliding keyboard tray that disappears under the desk when not in use and when adding in new hardware the whole system slides out on rails towards you, but not far enough to make it tip over.

Lian Li will be showing off the DK01, DK02 and a yet-to-be-detailed DKQ01 on the Computex 2014 show floor in Taipei City, Taiwan. Computex this year takes place on 3-7 June 2014. No MSRP has been set for either of these chassis just yet, but they will be joining seven other brand new designs from the chassis manufacturer.

Sources: Lian Li Facebook page, Hexus

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