The Forest hits Steam Early Access on 29 May


Remember The Forest? You so remember The Forest – it’s that gorgeous looking open world survival game that features horrific monsters and other scary things with too many arms and sharp teeth. When we first heard about it, we couldn’t stop gushing. The more we heard about it, the better it sounded. Good news then: you’ll be playing an Early Access build of it next week.

The game will be available via Steam’s Early Access on 29 May. It’ll cost $14.99. Those unfamiliar with Steam Early Access should know that that will get you an early but playable build of the game. That will then update to the final release once the game is done. It’s a game release mechanism that Mojang popularised with Minecraft. Also worth noting is that the Early Access build will feature Oculus Rift support, because scary games are even more scary when they’re ATTACHED TO YOUR FACE.

If you were hoping for a new trailer, then by golly are you in luck. This is the third official trailer for the game and it shows off a new enemy type. Check it out after the jump.