Finally I know why I can't win ranked games.

Finally, I know why I can’t win ranked games.

Blizzard has revealed why I am still a bronze league player that they will be suing a collective of hackers for creating and profiting from StarCraft II mods. The primary target will be the creators of the ValiantChaos Maphack – a mod which allows players to cheat in online games and is sold for around $62.50. Seriously, R650 just to win a few games? C’mooooon guys. Blizzard believes the hacks have caused gamers to become dissatisfied with the game and, as a result of the loss of interest in playing, led to a decrease in sales of the game and its expansion packs.

You can read the full legal documentation here, but it is (as always) a bit verbose. Most importantly, Blizzard has accused the hackers of:

“[The] insidious and harmful practice of developing, distributing, and selling software products (sometimes referred to as ‘hacks’ or ‘cheats’) that modify or alter the online ‘multiplayer’ component of Blizzard’s computer games to give their users an unfair competitive advantage against other players. The harm to Blizzard from Defendants’ conduct is immediate, massive and irreparable,” says the developer. “By distributing the Hacks to the public, Defendants irreparably harm the ability of Blizzard’s legitimate customers (i.e. those who purchase and use unmodified games) to enjoy and participate in the competitive online experience of StarCraft 2,” they add.

Interestingly, it is not clear how Blizzard will be able to recoup any losses (assuming their action is successful) as they appear to be unaware of the identity of those behind the hacks.

“The defendants may include individuals whose real identities are not yet known to Blizzard, but who are acting in concert with the one another, often in the guise of Internet aliases, in committing the unlawful acts alleged herein,” the developer said in its complaint.

Personally I hope Blizzard succeed in their attempt to punish the hacking community of StarCraft II. Cheats and hacks simply have no place in competitive online play – especially in a professional competitive game such as StarCraft II.

Source: Eurogamer

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