Four new hunters join Evolve, game coming on 21 October


We’ve already met the first four hunters to feature in Turtle Rock’s upcoming 4-vs-1 online shooter: Val, Hank, Markov and Griffin all fill the positions of Medic, Support, Assault and Trapper respectively. They’re not the only characters who will be hunting down the player-controlled monster, as Turtle Rock has unveiled four new hunters. And yes, your party of four hunters can be made up of any combination of the eight revealed so far.


First up is Lazarus, who is the new Medic class for the game. Lazarus doesn’t exactly heal anybody but rather brings them back from the dead. Consequently he’s a pretty powerful character to have on the team, because so long as he’s alive and doing his job, you basically can’t lose the match. The flipside of this is that he’s always the first target the monster player is going to want to hit, and to compensate for this, the player who takes on the role of Lazarus needs to stay hidden. Luckily he packs a silenced sniper rifle for sneaky, long-ranged attacks, as well a cloaking device to disappear entirely.


Next up is the new Support class: a robot called Bucket. His (its?) ability lets him take off his head and fling it into the sky to act as an aerial UAV. You’ll get to pilot his drone noggin in an attempt to spot the player monster. Once you do then the monster shows up on every teammate’s HUD. Of course, when you’re piloting your drone head, it means your body is elsewhere and vulnerable, so you better hope that the rest of the team has your back.


The new Assault class is a tough looking chap called Hyde. He’s packing a minigun and a flamethrower, because the word “overkill” is the mantra he lives by. We guess. Probably. He also has a sweet eye-patch! And he gets to throw poisonous gas grenades that hurt the monster player but not the rest of the hunters. That’ll probably lend itself to some neat tactics.


Finally, the new Trapper class is a lass named Maggie. She wields a harpoon gun with a bunch of different attachments to slow and pin down the monster. She also has a pet Trapjaw alien called Daisy. When Daisy isn’t chewing the faces off sweet little extra-terrestrial beasties, she’s hunting down and tracking the monster player and reviving fallen teammates. Daisy also makes up a fifth member of the team, so the monster player will have to off Daisy as well as the other four hunters if they want to win.

If this all isn’t exciting enough, then Turtle Rock has announced that the game will be out on 21 October across the globe for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Via: Polygon