Holy damn, would you look at how pretty Driveclub is

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I’m extremely pumped for Driveclub. I don’t even think I can verbalise exactly how much I want to be playing this game right now. At rAge 2013 I had a good half-hour with the demo and came away satisfied that Evolution Studios was going in the right direction, but disappointed that it never made the launch date. Almost eight months on and Evolution is almost ready to show off what will be one of the final builds of the game at E3, before it enters the final stage of development, going gold and shipping for the holidays.

But these guys, they like teasing. Driveclub‘s supposed crowning achievement is the lighting engine and the background visuals and I’d like to bombard your retina with some GIFs and a new gameplay video.

The gameplay is an exclusive look at a new track in Nilgiri Hills, India that winds its way down the mountain in the dark, eventually lightening up to a morning sunrise. There’s some forest, there’s some farms on the side of the road, there’s sprinklers that move in circles with water patterns and mist and there’s even dirt, wonderful brown dirt, on the windshield. Driveclub isn’t just the prettiest driving game I’ve ever seen, it’s also dripping with an insane amount of detail that makes Need For Speed Rivals look bland.

Unfortunately, these visuals come at a cost. While the game runs in native 1080p, it is capped at 30fps. Despite the frame rate cap, I’m willing to trade if off in this case for a driving game with this much attention to detail. Take your tesselated leaves and cars and toss them, Gran Turismo.

Driveclub launches exclusively for the Playstation 4 on 8 October 2014 and promises mind-blowing visuals and a “social racing experience” where you get to challenge your friends online in races or various contests, join up in clubs and compete against others and stake your spot on the global leaderboards. It’ll be the first racer from Sony Worldwide Studios that isn’t done by Polyphony Digital and it remains to be seen just how good a job Evolution has done. For the full video with all the pretty polygons, hit the play button below!

Source: NeoGAF

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