The Order: 1886 gets new gameplay footage ahead of E3


Want to watch a gathering of dapper gents shoot each other in the face? Don’t have access to Sky News? You could do worse than load up this new footage for The Order: 1886.

The gameplay footage — captured from Sony’s Twitch live-stream of the game by GamesHQMedia — shows The Side-Burn Squad taking heavy fire and subsequently having to rescue one of their own in a London slum.

I’ve not followed much of the news around The Order: 1886, so I was surprised (in a pleasant way) by its dour tone, but Internet pixel-hunters are already raising concerns about a perceived reduction in visual quality, highlighting discrepancies between the original build and the new footage being shown. It’s an increasingly brazen trend with modern games, and I have to wonder about the role of gaming’s media in covering show trailers and “sizzle reels” without the necessary caveats fastened firmly to their front. Regardless, watch the gameplay footage after the jump.

Source: YouTube, Gearnuke