EA, Disney cancel F2P space sim Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

Star Wars Attack Squadrons

When George Lucas sold everything related to Star Wars, his life’s great work, to the Disney company, many people wondered what that would mean for games currently in development that took place in the Star Wars universe. The move ultimately resulted in Disney not renewing the trademark for Star Wars 1313, despite the incredible surge of support for a game where you played a badass bounty hunter that occasionally went into the lower levels of Coruscant and did some… shooting.

Disney, together with publisher Electronic Arts has now elected to shut down development of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, with the possibility of re-opening the project at a later stage. Hit the jump for the developer’s comments about the decision. Yep, you’ll have to wait for that Tie Fighter death battle a little longer.

Attack Squadrons was meant to be a always-online, free-to-play 16-player space combat simulator, developed by Area 52 Games that would have been played inside your web browser using HTML5 and the Unity engine. The game was announced in December 2013 before going onto a closed beta in January 2014. There was no indication that the shutdown was imminent, as Disney Mobile was also involved in the game’s development as well as the Lucasarts company.

“After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences,” the Seattle-based studio said. “We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta.”

Well, we will probably get something better in the end anyway, even though it looked so pretty. Perhaps elements from the game will be piled into DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront instead?


Source: Star Wars Attack Squadrons (via Eurogamer)