Battlefield: Hardline plays cops ‘n’ robbers


Oh hey, we’re getting another Battlefield this year. Perhaps the best thing to do here is pretend to be surprised, just on the off chance that it might return some form of balance to a world where annualised releases threaten to destroy your love of every video game franchise on the planet via creeping, agonising attrition.

So, surprise!

To be fair, at least they’re putting a nifty spin on the core concept of shooting things in the face by removing the gruff military peoples and replacing them with what we’re assuming will be equally gruff policehumans and robberfolk.

It’s called Battlefield: Hardline, and while there’s not much that’s been revealed about it at this stage, we do know that it’ll be like a grown-up, virtual version of cops and robbers. Presumably its creative director had watched Bad Boys the weekend before pitching the idea for Hardline, and decided that making a game about Michael Bay would be a great idea. But when the rest of the team weren’t quite so excited about Baytlefield 5: The Baycation (starring Mark Wahlberg as Mark Wahlberg), they instead went with the idea of SWAT teams and Sunglasses Guys and Balaclava People and that one dude with the suspiciously terrorist-y accent shooting bullets at each other and making a right mess of various destructible environments.

We're told that the game won't actually feature maps in the traditional sense. Instead, EA's opted to set the game in an alternate version of Earth that's made of endlessly looping explosions.
We’re told that the game won’t actually feature “levels” or “maps” in the traditional sense. Instead, EA’s opted to set the game in an alternate version of Earth that’s made of endlessly looping explosions.

Leaks that appeared before the announcement suggest that the game will include character classes called Operator, Enforcer, Mechanic and Professional.

Development isn’t being handled by series creators DICE, with the reins for Hardline instead being handed to Dead Space developer Visceral Games. We’re assuming DICE has their hands full working on next year’s iteration of Battlefield, because as much as we’d like to believe otherwise, we highly doubt there’s a Mirror’s Edge 2 in this equation. Visceral’s a mighty fine development studio though, so we’re pretty confident they can do the series justice. Expect to learn more about the game during EA’s E3 press conference on June 9th.

I like to think EA’s going to surprise everyone by announcing that Hardline is a point-and-click adventure game about doing regular police-type stuff. Chatting to witnesses. Eating lunch. Completing paperwork. Patrolling parks. Yelling at street vendors at traffic lights. That sort of thing.