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When THQ became bankrupt and had all of its assets sold off to bidders in an auction, one of the franchises on offer was Homefront, a first-person shooter that explored the possibility of a universe in which North Korean troops invaded the United States. Although I’ve never played Homefront before, I’m definitely keen on seeing where the series goes under the new owners of the IP, Crytek. Although it wasn’t known if they were going to be doing any work on a new game for the series, Crytek has now revealed that a sequel was in the works. The game is called Homefront: The Revolution and it’s heading for a 2015 launch.

The game was leaked earlier today by FZ, a Swedish-based game retailer not known for listing games early. Only the box art was outed but it painted a clear picture of what was to come – a story where your character either leads, or aids in, a revolution against America’s new North Korean overlords. Its unclear if this leak prompted Crytek to come forward and announce the game proper, but it doesn’t matter in the long run anyway.

Crytek Homefront Revolution

The developer has now confirmed the game’s title and has given us a release period: 2015 (I know, doesn’t help me either). The publisher is Deep Silver, who managed to snap up a lot of THQ’s IP in the auctions and has been instrumental in allowing the guys at 4A Games to continue the excellent Metro series.

Homefront: The Revolution continues the story four years on from the events of the first game (nice, because Homefront launched in 2011). Crytek’s UK studio will be handling development of the game and it will be an open-world experience with guerilla combat on the streets of Philadelphia. It won’t have any PS3 or Xbox 360 ports, so it’s strictly aiming for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC Platform (sorry Nintendo, Apple and Linux fans, you lose out on this one).

“Our version of Philadelphia is an oppressed, heavily policed environment,” said Fasahat Salim, game designer at Crytek UK. “As the player goes through each of the different districts–the game is an open world so you can bounce around between districts–everything you do, each mission or side mission or whatever else, influences the game world and influences all of the civilians who inhabit it. Everything is being influenced by how you approach the game.”

I don’t know about you, but I like the way that Crytek is branching out and trying new things. Check out the trailer below!


Source: Gamespot, Eurogamer

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