Xbox ZA app for Windows 8

With E3 2014 just around the corner, the hardworking guys and girls behind the @XboxZA Twitter handle have launched a Windows Store app for all things Xbox for South Africans. There’s links to podcasts, new videos posted on the official Youtube channel, news, galleries of pictures posted up by the XboxZA team as well as others and, somewhere in the app (assuming I can get it to work) is a section where you can see the latest tweets with the hashtag #xboxza. If you’re on Windows 8 or later, download it and give it a go. As the good stuff rolls out of E3 2014, it’ll be uploaded to the various channels in the app, ready for you to soak it up from the comfort of your desk, your couch or in bed.

Damnit, I realise now that I’ve written the word “hashtag” in a news item. Sigh.

Oh wait, I wrote “app” as well! Curses.

Source: Xbox South Africa

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