Every time I see more of Star Citizen, it reminds me that I need to upgrade my PC. In spite of the financial terror that instils in me, the game is looking magical enough to suppress any shred of financial responsibility I would ordinarily use to justify not spending money on hardware. Take that, sensible self!

By now you are probably well aware that development team Robert Space Industries is marketing Star Citizen entirely in-canon (i.e. the game marketing sounds as if it’s being done by fictional companies in the game – I really appreciate that kind of marketing) and entirely in-engine. The result has been a series of commercials for the in-game space ships that sound a lot like our real-world car adverts.

The latest advert for the MISC Freelancer space ship sounds like an advert for an 18-wheeler cargo truck. It’s just a fantastic piece of marketing that carries across the game’s spirit as well as the new content on display. Also, the fact that this cargo-running ship is called a Freelancer is bound to poke all sorts of nostalgic buttons with those of you who loved Chris Roberts’s previous space-sim of the same name.

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