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Listen up, scallywags! E3 2014 is about to get underway and everyone here at NAG Online is tremendously excited to see what Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the rest of the publishers, developers and indie groups in the industry are working up for the rest of this year. You can follow all the action here on NAG Online and you can be sure that I’ll be sucking up just as much coffee tonight as any of you. Our first stop is the Xbox E3 2014 media briefing at 18:30.

Please Note: Due to teleportation technologies currently only being applied to binary data over a distance of three metres using quantum entanglement, I cannot update any of the blogs I’ll be doing here for you live. If you could teleport halfway across the world to E3 I think you’d be on the run from the US Government more than being able to calmly watch a game expo in peace.

Of course, if you’d prefer to rather watch the streams online, there will be links to the live streams all over our web page. It’ll be safe here, rather than the crowded mess that is Youtube, or Twitch, or anywhere else on the internet. Let the warm confines of our grey background huddle your mind in the cold winter.

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