During Sony’s E3 press conference, it was announced that Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will be debuting on the PlayStation 4. When the game was first announced during last December’s VGX Awards, no platforms were specified but Hello Games said the title was heading to next-generation hardware. Basically, at the moment it’s probably a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4, and the game will be hitting Xbox One and PC some time as well.

But enough talk of platforms! Just look at this game. While the project remains frighteningly ambitious for a team as tiny as Hello Games, it looks as if they’ve made some serious progress. In No Man’s Sky the entire universe is procedurally generated, so not even the folks at Hello Games know exactly what’s out there for players to explore. You’ll be piloting your exploratory space ship all over the place, discovering new planets and species and getting to name them for the rest of the players in that universe.

The new E3 footage showed off some ship combat as well as numerous examples of seamless transitions from planet surfaces to space. Shortly after the Sony press event, Hello Games released a second trailer that shows the variety in planet types and animals. You can find both trailers after the jump.

SPACE DINOSAURS! Best game ever.

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