Electronic Arts’ press event, which was held last night at about 10PM our time, wasn’t exactly that exciting. While last year they hurled game announcement after game announcement at us, this year they seemed to show off minimal new content for the game’s unveiled last year. Sadly, Star Wars Battlefront is one of those, and EA had very little in the way of further details on the game.

Instead of showing off some gameplay or early build of the title, EA opted to show off a developer diary sort of thing. While the video itself is rather interesting, it wasn’t exactly the action packed trailer people were hoping for.

Whatever the case may be, from the developer diary we have learnt that the folks at DICE are working very closely with Lucasfilm archives, and they’ve also travelled to the locations that many of the iconic Star Wars battles were filmed. I guess they’re trying to reassure fans that the series and canon is in good hands. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

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