Nintendo’s Splatoon looks bloody inkredible


“Oh no he squidn’t,” you were probably ‘inking when you read that headline. But I ain’t fin-ished yet, because this here is a kraken-looking game an—

Okay, enough of that, but Splatoon — announced during Nintendo’s Digital Event for launch on the Wii U in 2015 — looks like an amazingly vibrant multiplayer experience that isn’t gritty soldier men shooting other gritty soldier men. Splatoon is a four-on-four team game in which you and your squidron (Okay, really, sorry, last one. I promise.) attempt to cover the various maps with your colour of ink: the victor being whoever has covered the most of the walkable surface area, although you can coat walls and such as well. This is where things get tricky, however: the ink itself has a secondary function as an alternative means of travel for your secondary form as a squid.

Players can switch between ink-shooting youngsters (called Inklings) and their squid forms, which are capable of traversing their team’s ink — regardless of gravity or surface orientation — at high speeds and launching themselves boldly into the air. Switching between the forms appears to be instantaneous, allowing for some potentially interesting movement combos and strategies. The Wii U control display shows a map with current ink laid down, player positions and more.

Ultimately, Splatoon adds another strong multiplayer contender to Nintendo’s growing lineup of competitive tentitles.

[Ed’s note – Rick is no longer working for us; nobody can stomach that many puns this early in the morning.]

Source: Nintendo’s Digital Event

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