Modder mines PC Watch Dogs files, activates E3 2012 effects


Well now, this is certainly interesting. A modder, who goes by the name of TheWorse over on the Gurur3D forums, has been sifting through the files in the PC version of Watch Dogs. The self-proclaimed “obsessed” individual has managed to find, embedded in the game files, a number of graphical features that are not accessible via the game’s configuration screen. With enough fiddling, TheWorse managed to activate many of the game’s graphical effects that were shown off in the Watch Dogs debut back at E3 2012.

This is basically what’s happened: Ubisoft unveiled Watch Dogs to the masses during E3 2012; the game looked incredible; shortly before release it was revealed that the game had taken a considerable graphical downgrade on all platforms; this caused a bit of a stink; Ubisoft released the game but left in all the switched off graphical features in the PC version; less than three weeks after release, TheWorse comes along with his mod and makes the game look like it originally did back at E3 2012.

And yes, you can download TheWorse’s mod for use in your own game. You can also check it out in action after the jump.

Of course, this has now kicked up a bit of scene on websites like Reddit and NeoGAF. People are questioning Ubisoft’s intentions for the PC version, which was seemingly gimped. Was this done so as not to upstage new console hardware? Was Ubisoft pressurised by the likes of Sony and Microsoft, who had both released new platforms that could not be shown to be dated this early on in their lifecycles? Those are just some of the questions being posed at present.

We’ll update this as soon as Ubisoft responds. In the meantime, head on over to the Guru3D forums where you’ll find links to download TheWorse’s work. It’s a very tiny download: a whopping 45KB. The good news is that it apparently doesn’t have a massive hit on performance, and it fixes the Watch Dogs stuttering problem that many PC users are reporting.

Thanks to @bathoz for the tip off.

Source: Guru3D
Via: Reddit