ROLL OUT 2014: A local World of Tanks community day


Do you like tanks? Do you like worlds? What about tanks in your world? World of Tanks!? We know that this freemium game is a big deal in South Africa; loads of you lot spend your evenings pew-pewing each other to death in World of Tanks. Good news for the local community then: ROLL OUT 2014 is a community day scheduled for 02 August in Bloemfontein.

But hang on, why Bloemfontein? Surely Johannesburg is the only South African city entitled to get cool stuff like this? Not so! This time it’s Bloem’s turn. Also they have the 1st South African Tank Regiment (Armour School) there, which helps.

ROLL OUT 2014 BLOEMFONTEIN is a chance for the local World of Tanks community to get together and dork-out over actual tanks. The day’s main activity will be the “adoption” of one of the tanks at the SA Armour Museum. That tank will get its own special plaque complete with World of Tank logos to commemorate the day. What’s more, those attending will get to try out the Armour School’s tank simulators.

If you’re interested in getting your tank on, then head on over to this website to secure a ticket. The ticket includes an event shirt (with your own clan’s logo on) and cap, morning teas/coffees, lunch, and braai for supper. has sponsored World of Tanks in-game gold that can be won on the day, and there will be seven different local World of Tanks clans making an appearance.

To be honest they kind of had me at “tank simulator”, but it’s really cool that is also getting involved. And the idea of the local community adopting a tank is just such a great fit.

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